There is a lot of confusion around the best thermostat setting for each season. Basically, you want your home or office to be comfortable all year while maintaining manageable utility costs. The U.S. Department of Energy has some recommendations and good advice on this topic, and we’ll share it with you here.

Thermostat Settings for Summer

During the summer, our team at Jensen Mechanical Inc. recommends setting your thermostat somewhere between 75 degrees and 78 degrees Fahrenheit while you are at home or in the office. This is a good rule of thumb to keep your utility bills in check.

When you aren’t at home, or when your place of business is closed, you can set the thermostat to between 85 degrees and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. This can result in a savings of approximately 10% on cooling costs.

Thermostat Settings for Winter

When it is colder outside, we recommend a thermostat setting of 68 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit while at home and awake or in your office working. This is generally a good temperature to keep you warm and to reduce indoor humidity levels.

It is known that sleeping in a cooler environment is better for the quality of your rest. Therefore, it is fine to reduce your home thermostat to between 63 degrees and 65 degrees Fahrenheit while in bed. This is also the recommended setting for when you aren’t home and when your business is not in operation.

Consider a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

To make things really convenient, you should consider upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat. These tools make setting the thermostat very easy. Programmable thermostats will automatically reset to the times of day that you program them to. Smart thermostats can be operated remotely via a phone app so you can make sure the house or office is at the right temperature before you arrive.

Our professional HVAC technicians are skilled in all aspects of heating and cooling, including checking the efficiency of your thermostat during our routine HVAC maintenance. In addition to HVAC installations, maintenance, and repairs, we install air purification and monitoring systems. Contact us at Jensen Mechanical Inc. today to discuss our services and how we can make your home or commercial space more comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthier.

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