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HVAC system Maintenance Plans In Emporia, Courtland, Franklin & all of South Central Virginia

Jensen Mechanical Inc. offers both residential and commercial HVAC maintenance plans to homeowners and business owners in Emporia, Courtland, Franklin, and the surrounding areas. Our annual maintenance plans makes it easy for you to keep your HVAC system operating smoothly and stay in front of any potential issues. We offer 3 different types of HVAC maintenance plans which include:

  • Oil Furnace
  • Heat Pump & Air Conditioner
  • Gas Furnace
When you partner with Jensen Mechanical Inc for your HVAC maintenance you will receive the very best service and quality work. Our HVAC contractor is equipped to service all brands of equipment and also offers financing options for clients who are interested.

Below you will find a list of our HVAC Company’s maintenance plans. If you would like to learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans that are available in Courtland, Franklin, Emporia, and the surrounding areas then contact our office today at 800-260-2354!

*Clients who have a HVAC maintenance plan will receive a discount on repair costs

Maintenance Checklist:
  • Check & clean air filters
  • Check & tighten fan blades & blowers
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Check incoming voltage
  • Check thermostat
  • Check & flush condensate pans, drains, & pumps
  • Check for proper CFM (Airflow)
  • Lubricate motor (if required)
  • Take temperature readings
  • Check overloads & safety controls
Heat Pump & Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist:
  • Test defrost controls & sensors
  • Test lockout controls
  • Check sensor calibrations
  • Check backup heat
  • Check & clean indoor coil (if needed)*
  • Check & clean outdoor coil (if needed)*
  • Check contactors & capacitors
  • Take sensor readings
  • Check refrigerant levels
Gas Furnace Checklist:
  • Check blower wheel
  • Check all pressure switches
  • Check all venting & termination
  • Check ignitor
  • Check & Clean flame sensor rod
  • Check pilot & thermocouple
  • Check gas pressures: incoming & manifold
  • Check burner operation
  • Check limit operation
  • Check amp draw of fan & inducer motors
  • Check heat exchanger & safety controls
  • Check gas condensate tubing & traps
Oil Furnace Checklist:
  • 1. NOTE: Due to soot buildup, oil-burning furnaces need more maintenance than gas furnaces, and should be cleaned and checked at least twice during the heating season.
  • Clean or replace oil filter, gaskets and pump strainer.
  • Check the color of the smoke coming from the chimney. If it’s black, that means the oil is not burning completely. This wastes fuel and increases pollution. Your technician will need to make adjustments to the furnace controls.
  • Clean soot from the stack control or electric eye safety switch and check its operation. This is a safety device that shuts off the motor if the burner fails to ignite.
  • Lubricate blower motor fittings.
  • Clean and adjust draft regulator.
  • Check condition and operation of electrodes, transformer, oil nozzle, air tubes, and pump.
  • 8. Check volume of fuel tank
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