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    What Is the Best Temperature to Keep My House at During the Summer?

    It is best to keep your house around 75 degrees F during the summer months. Studies have shown that our bodies are most comfortable within one or two degrees of this temperature. However, it is important to note that your house only needs to be at this temperature while you are in the house, and you can save a significant amount on your cooling costs by keeping the temperature of your home a little higher during the day.

    If I Turn Down My Ac All the Way Will My House Cool Down Faster?

    No, cranking down the AC all the way will not cool your house down faster. This is a common myth. If you do try doing this then you might end up with a super cold house and a high energy bill.
    Air conditioning units are designed to work at a fairly constant pace until your house reaches the desired set temperature. Once a temperature is reached the unit will shut off and not turn on again until the temperature needs to be adjusted.

    How Often Should I Change My Filters?

    We recommend that you change your air filters at the start of a new season. We recommend that you change your air filters around this time because during these times your equipment will be working hard.

    What Factors Affect Air Flow and Increase the Frequency of Routine Filter Changes?

    As stated above the general rule of thumb is to change your air filters at the beginning of every season.

    However, this can vary based on factors such as:
    • Medical conditions
    • Type of air filter that you use
    • Air quality in the house
    • If there are pets in the house
    • The number of people that live in the home
    • If your home is in an area with construction
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