Indoor air quality systems, work with your home comfort system to make your indoor air as clean and comfortable as it can be. When your home’s air is clean, your family can breathe and feel better. Learn how Jensen Mechanical Inc. can help with your indoor air quality!

    Indoor Air Quality in Emporia and South Central Virginia

    Common air quality issues

    Dust and pet dander are the top causes of sniffling, sneezing, and poor indoor air quality. But you may be surprised to discover other factors that could be affecting your home’s air—and your health.

    • Allergens
      Dust buildup can make breathing miserable for anyone who spends much time inside their home.
    • Household Chemicals
      New carpets may feel good under your feet, but they can give off chemical vapors that contaminate your home’s air.
    • Home Odors
      A healthy house should smell like one. That means no lingering cooking fumes caused by poor ventilation or musty smells from mold or mildew buildup.
    • Stale Air
      The tight construction of today’s homes is great for saving energy but can also have the unwanted side effect of sealing in stale air.
    • Bacteria, Mold & Germs
      Germs are a class of contaminants that includes bacteria, molds, mildew, viruses, and other microorganisms
    • Humidity Imbalances
      Humid air is not good for your family’s health—or comfort. Air that’s too dry causes problems, too.
    • Ozone
      Ozone is a form of oxygen. In the earth’s stratosphere, it helps to block potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the ground. However, at lower levels in the atmosphere—the air we breathe—it’s a product of pollution and can be dangerous.

    A single solution for allergens, germs, and more
    PureAir™ S Air Purification

    Enjoy healthier air and the peace of mind it brings with the PureAir™ S, the latest in PureAir™ technology that combats all three classes of indoor air pollutants and communicates with your iComfort® S30.

    A single solution for allergens, germs, and more
PureAir™ S Air Purification

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